Delta Smart UVTRON Kit

Delta Smart UVTRON Kit
UVTRON kits that have been equipped with a microcontroller module and drive servo signal processing UVTRON so this kit can indicate the location of the fire. This kit also comes with a fan and motor speed to extinguish the fire.

- Can detect a candle flame from a distance of 5 meters
- Servo scanning angle of 180 degrees
- Scanning speed can be programmed through the UART
- The intensity of fires can be programmed through the UART
- Fan can be set to automatically turn on when UVTRON leading to hotspots or waiting for a command sent from the microcontroller robot
- Modules can transmit information via the UART
angle - There is a command to turn on the fan while performing scanning

Source Code:
- AVR ASM Source Code
- MCS-51 ASM Source Code (used on Delta Robo Kits)
For more information, please visit this products data sheet.
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