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Power Transformer 10A Power Transformer 10A
Date Added: Saturday 08 June, 2019

Price: Rp75.000,00
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Triac BTA41800 Triac BTA41800
Date Added: Friday 07 June, 2019

Price: Rp90.000,00
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Circlip S-15 Circlip S-15
Date Added: Monday 03 June, 2019

Price: Rp500,00
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DC Socket to 9V Battery Clip DC Socket to 9V Battery Clip
Date Added: Monday 03 June, 2019

Price: Rp10.000,00
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Penutup CPU Penutup CPU
Date Added: Monday 03 June, 2019

Price: Rp1.250,00
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M2x30 M2x30
Date Added: Monday 03 June, 2019

Price: Rp1.000,00
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M12x24 Ring M12x24 Ring
Date Added: Monday 03 June, 2019

Price: Rp1.000,00
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Female Socket AC Female Socket AC
Date Added: Monday 03 June, 2019

Price: Rp10.000,00
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AC Voltage Sensor ZMPT101B AC Voltage Sensor ZMPT101B
Date Added: Saturday 01 June, 2019

Price: Rp70.000,00
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Infrared Receiver HX1838 Infrared Receiver HX1838
Date Added: Saturday 01 June, 2019

Price: Rp5.000,00
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1 x Mini USB Bluetooth Dongle
1 x D-GPS508 Delta GPS GSM GPRS 508
1 x Power Supply Apple A2M0030
1 x Gearbox Motor 18V
2 x Parallax GPS Module
1 x FM stereo transmitter module
2 x Arduino Uno R3 Clone
2 x Arduino Minilight
2 x Switching Power Supply 5V/10A 12V/12A 12V/3A
2 x PSW0501
1 x Power Supply 12V/3A Switching
1 x CMPS10 Compass Electronic
1 x Arduino Bluetooth
1 x GPS Module CT-G348SLP
3 x Power Supply 12V/2A SHA1030S
1 x GPS WD-G-ZX4120
2 x Arduino Mega ADK Rev3 (Android Ready)
1 x FPV Radio Telemetry Kit - 915Mhz
1 x ms-05
1 x Delta Hexapod Warrior Automatic Version
2 x RTC DS1307 Module
1 x Delta Giant Spider (The Robo War Series)
1 x Low Cost Gear Motor
2 x Arduino Nano V3.0 Atmega328
1 x MMA7361 Tripple Axis
1 x SIM900-TE-C
1 x CMPS03 Kompas Elektronik
1 x Raspberry Pi B
1 x MTR-STP05 Motor Stepper Refurbish Bipolar
2 x Parts C Infrared Receiver
1 x NE555 Timer
1 x Power Supply Switching 5V/2A refurbish
1 x Arduino Uno R3
1 x RTC DS1302 Module
1 x KittyBee Arduino Zigbee Shield
1 x Fingerprint Module
1 x D-GSM300 Delta GSM Modem SIM300
4 x Arduino Due
1 x Tinkerkit Touch Sensor
1 x Arduino Robot (UK Plug)
2 x Arduino Starter Kit
1 x Arduino Android Kit
2 x Arduino UNO
1 x Omron Power Supply PA205R
1 x SIM508 GSM/GPRS/GPS Modem
1 x Arduino-Compatible Uno R3 EDArduino
1 x TPA-64 Thermophile Array
1 x Keelog KeyGrabber Wi-Fi Premium
1 x Omron PLC CP1E-E30SDR-A
1 x Tinkerkit Tilt Sensor
1 x SIM5216 Evaluation Board + Camera Interface
1 x Mamba Narrow Band Power Line Communication
1 x Arduino Mega 2560
1 x ms-09
1 x Emi Filter 3A - YB03A1
1 x Kit Workshop With Arduino
2 x Delta Single Line Follower V1
2 x Arduino Mega ADK
2 x D-Joy Joystick Controller
2 x RFID Absence Machine Application
1 x MTR-STP04 Motor Stepper tipe M452SP
1 x Fingerprint USB Interface
1 x Arduino Ethernet with Power Over Ethernet
1 x Beacon Locator Position by GPS Application
1 x Delta IR Fire & Target
1 x Power Supply Switching 12V/5A
1 x Power Supply Switching 5V/3A
1 x ESC 60A Speed controller
1 x Kinect Adapter for Windows
1 x STM32F401 Nucleo Board
1 x IC-ENC28J60/SS Ethernet Controller
1 x Power Supply Switching 12V/3.44A
1 x Otomation System Practice Module
1 x Arduino Shield Ethernet with Power Over Ethernet
3 x LB11923 Three-Phase Brushless Motor Driver
2 x 82C55 Programmable Peripheral Interface
1 x Power Line Carrier Communication Module
1 x 05TZ11 Voltage Regulator with OFF State Low Dissipation Current
3 x ADC0808 8 Channel Analog to Digital Converter
1 x AD00 - 16 Bit ADC Self Calibrating
1 x TCD1705AD CCD Image Linear Sensor
1 x RCV336AFCW Modem Device
1 x DS1307 Serial Real Time Clock
1 x D8279 Programmable Keyboard and Display
1 x 2830-1000s 1000Kv Brushless Motor
1 x Power Supply Switching 5V/2A
1 x Power SUpply Switching 12V/3A
2 x Diode Zener 3.3V 1/2W
1 x Delta Hex Engine V2
2 x CS5460 Single Phase Bi-Directional Power/Energy IC
1 x Flymaple 10 DOF
1 x 1N4001 General Purpose Rectifiers
1 x 1N4004 General Purpose Rectifiers
1 x EF6821-Peripheral Drivers & Components - PCIs PIA I/O 1MHz
1 x Pre Amp
1 x TA7279 Dual Bridge Driver
1 x SED1354F0A Color Graphics LCD/CRT Controller
1 x DX-24 Delta X-Ceiver 2.4 GHz
1 x PDS1040 10A Schottky Barrier Rectifier
1 x Automatic Profil Scanner
1 x ADC0809 8 Channel Analog to Digital Converter
1 x AT89S4051-24PU 8 bit Microcontroller with 8Kb Flash
1 x TOP103Y Three-terminal Off-line PWM Switch
1 x AD01 - 16 Bit ADC Self Calibrating
1 x 12V 1W Zener 1N4733
1 x AC 85-265V to DC 5V Power Module
1 x ICL7660 CMOS Voltage Converters
1 x 1N4148 High Speed Diodes
2 x TFDU4100 Infrared Serial Transceiver
1 x RFID ID12
1 x TK4100 Blank Card
1 x Zener Diode 3.6V SMD ZMM3V6
2 x ULN2003 Seven Darlington Arrays
1 x DAC0808 8-Bit D/A Converter
1 x AD7730 24-Bit Sigma-Delta, Bridge Transducer ADC
1 x Solarbotics GM7 - Gear Motor 7 - Baby GM3
2 x ID-20 RFID Reader
1 x Gearbox Motor 24V
1 x RFM-69HW Wireless Transceiver Module
1 x AD02 - 16 Bit ADC Self Calibrating
1 x Digital Torque MG996R Servo Metal Gear
2 x DST-Train-RA Modul Praktikum Rangkaian Analog
2 x TC9122 High Speed BCD Programmable Counter
1 x Gearbox Motor 20V
1 x Arm Module 3 DOF
2 x Magnet Toroid Ferrit Diameter 5mm
1 x Atlys Spartan 6 FPGA
1 x Power Supply Switching 12V/4A
2 x Low Cost Gear Motor
2 x Power Supply Switching 12V/2A
1 x IRF9540 Power MOSFET
1 x 1N5819HW-7-F Schottky Barrier Rectifier
1 x TEMIC 5557
1 x 1N4007 General Purpose Rectifiers
1 x Hamamatsu Flame Sensor UVTRON R9454
1 x SM130 RFID Reader/Writer 13.56 MHz
1 x Delta Mini Tank V2 + Joystick + Djoy Controller
1 x HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creature
1 x SR160 Schottky Barrier Rectifier
1 x Lego Mindstorm NXT Gyroscopic Sensor
1 x Multi-Directional Tail Wheel
1 x DS1812 Power ON Reset IC
1 x High Torque Stepper Motor
1 x 1N5345B Zener Diodes 8.7V 5W
1 x Power Supply 12V/1A Model ADP12EB
1 x Delta Hexapod Crawler V2
1 x Delta Robo CPU