DQI-06 Plus Delta Data Aquisition Interface V0.6 with Signal Con

DQI-06 Plus Delta Data Aquisition Interface V0.6 with Signal Con
DQI-06 Plus is the v.06 Data Acquisition Modules are used for acquisition of sensor signals in addition to the signal conditioning circuit is equipped with a high level of accuracy using 16-bit ADC resolution, also have the instrument amplifier in which the sensors with a very small voltage deviation like loadcell, RTD, strain gage, PT100 etc. This module has a four channel ADC that can be calibrated separately. For more than four data acquisition channels, these modules can also addressed of 8 bits so that modules 256 can be connected in one network

- Addressable up to 256 modules
- 16-bit ADC Resolution
- Onboard Power Regulator 6 - 30VDC
- I2C Serial EEPROM 1KB
- UART Port
- Sensor data transmission in free running or controlled mode - Standard Protocol Sub Delta System, AT COMMAND
- There are buttons Zero Offset and gain calibration VR sensor
- Instrument Amplifier with 250uV maximum offset voltage and Low Noise
- Can be directly connected to the thermocouple, load cell, strain gage and other
- 4 Channel ADC input
- FR4 PCB Plating Through Holes (Industrial Standard)
- Available voltage terminal for sensor power
- Sensor output voltage can be adjusted according to the system or 5VDC input voltage

Packet include:
- Modul DQI-06
- RS232 Cable
- User Manual
- CD Software

- Delta ADC Software Click here (password rar : delta)
- Delphi Source Code for Delta ADC Software Click here
For more information, please visit this products data sheet.

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