Automatic Profil Scanner

Automatic Profil Scanner
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This tool serves to pull through the scanning / scanning the vertical profile shape with ultrasonic methods. Measurement process is done by firing the ultrasonic signal into the measured object and calculate the interval between transmitting and receiving signals. There is a stepper motor that moves the sensor vertically where the measurements are taken every 1 cm movement sensors. Measurement result data will be stored in the flash disc. When the scanning process in two dimensions desired, the user can move the tool horizontally manually every step. The final results of the measurements will be stored in the flash disc in the form of tables and can be sent to a PC via RS232 or bluetooth

- Higher scanning: 3 meters
- Step scanning: 1 cm
- Memory: Flash Disc
- Media communication with PC: RS232 / USB / Bluetooth
- Record Format: Excel
- The maximum distance between the sensor with the object: 3 meters

- Scanning the boat's profile
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