de Smarthome Controller + ADSL Router

de Smarthome Controller + ADSL Router
This unit is de Smarthome Controller that is inserted into the ADSL router so you do not need to add another router for smarthome connection to internet. In this unit photo is inserted into TPLink TD-W8968.
Price includes TPLink TD-W8968, if request on other router you have, please send us your router to insert. Price without router = Rp. 500,000 including the cost of installation into the router

It is the main control unit of the Smarthome System that allows your Smartphone to control various electronic devices in your home such as light switches, power outlets, air conditioners, multimedia, televisions, motion sensors, door sensors and more.
- Accessible via Wifi / Internet. (Cloud Ready)
- Can control various AC brands in the room
- Can control infrared devices such as TV and others
- Can control wireless devices in the area of ​​100 meters
- Setup schedule of electronic devices
- Monitor room temperature
- Can connect with various wireless sensors and send notification via email or directly to the application on your smartphone.
- Temperature sensors can be programmed to enable electronic devices at certain levels
- Does not require installation and can be used in ready-made homes
- Autohome and Auto Away for multi user
- Can be programmed to enable Network Phone Camera wirelessly
For more information, please visit this products data sheet.
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