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MP3-TF16 MP3 Player control by UART

MP3-TF16 MP3 Player control by UART
Support WAV, Mp3 and WMV decoding;
Support sampling rate of 8KHz,11.025KHz,12KHz,16KHz,22.05KHz,24KHz,32KHz,44.1KHz,48KHz;
24-bit DAC output, dynamic range support 90dB, SNR supports 85dB;
Supports FAT16, FAT32 file system, maximum support 32GB TF card;
A variety of control modes, serial mode, AD key control mode;
The broadcast language spots feature, you can pause the background music being played;
Built-in 3W amplifier;
The audio data is sorted by folder; supports up to 100 folders, each folder can be assigned to 1000 songs;
30 levels volume adjustable, 10 levels EQ adjustable.

Car navigation voice broadcast;
Road transport inspectors, toll stations voice prompts;
Railway station, bus safety inspection voice prompts;
Electricity, communications, financial business hall voice prompts;
Vehicle into and out of the channel verify that the voice prompts;
The public security border control channel voice prompts;
Multi-channel voice alarm or equipment operating guide voice;
The electric tourist car safe driving voice notices;
Electromechanical equipment failure alarm;
Fire alarm voice prompts;
The automatic broadcast equipment, regular broadcast.
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Accessorries (92)
Antenna (19)
Battery (40)
Box (20)
Cable (75)
Connector-> (211)
Display-> (90)
El. mechanical-> (74)
End User Product-> (150)
Kit Delta Electronic-> (173)
Module-> (239)
  Arduino (27)
  Devantech (6)
  DF-Robot (3)
  Ethernet & Web (4)
  Lain-lain (44)
  MikroE (2)
  Parallax (5)
  Raspberry (2)
  RF Module (32)
  Simcom (1)
  Sparkfun (9)
  Voice (5)
  Wiznet (6)
  ZigBee (11)
Motor-> (75)
Moving Sign (10)
Optoelectronic (14)
Passive Components-> (570)
PCB Accessories (17)
Perlengkapan KRCI (51)
Power (31)
Proyek (15)
RFID (30)
Robot-> (142)
Semiconductor-> (860)
Sensor-> (185)
Tools (57)
Transformer-> (36)
Videotron (6)
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