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Power Line Carrier Communication Module

Power Line Carrier Communication Module
- Module power supply: 5-12VDC (recommended 9V)
- The module output power supply: 5VDC 50mA
- The communication rate: 1200 2400 4800 9600 (default 9600) piority check, no parity optional
- Interface type: TTL level RXD serial interface, TXD
- Working environment: 220V 50/60Hz or low voltage DC
- Communication distance: 1500m (specific communication distance as the application environment)
- Each frame length: no limit
- Power line carrier frequency: 72kHz
- Modulation and demodulation mode: FSK
- Send mode: normal transmission mode / zero transmission mode
- Working temperature: 20 DEG C to 70 C
- Dimensions: 4.8 x 3.1cm x 1.3cm (L x W x H)

Application Note:
Vplc is carrier module power supply,can be connected to 5-12V DC (recommended 9V),Transmitting circuit for Mos tube power amplifier circuit, power require low voltage and large current,The higher the voltage the bigger switching loss is, therefore does not recommend the use high voltage to the module power supply,The general recommendations is 9V power supply, current >200mA, voltage end is connected with a large energy storage capacitor (>1000uF).Can choose according to the actual needs of the carrier transmitting Vplc voltage. Vcc as the working power supply module of system output, power output of 5V maximum 50mA, available for external use of the system, for the internal 78L05 power output, current shall not exceed 50mA use.

The main application:
Appliance controller, centralized meter reading system, security monitoring system, monitoring system for street lamps, industrial data transmission, broken cable monitoring system, intelligent home appliances control, parking management system, remote lighting control, fire and security systems, stage lighting and sound control etc.

Package Included:
- 2 * DC Carrier Communication Module
Accessorries (91)
Antenna (19)
Battery (40)
Box (20)
Cable (75)
Connector-> (211)
Delta Electronic Kits-> (170)
Display-> (89)
El. mechanical-> (74)
End User Product-> (124)
Module-> (237)
  Arduino (27)
  Devantech (6)
  DF-Robot (3)
  Ethernet & Web (4)
  MikroE (2)
  Others (43)
  Parallax (5)
  Raspberry (2)
  RF Module (32)
  Simcom (1)
  Sparkfun (9)
  Voice (5)
  Wiznet (6)
  ZigBee (11)
Motor-> (74)
Moving Sign (10)
Optoelectronic (14)
Passive Components-> (570)
PCB Accessories (17)
Perlengkapan KRCI (51)
Power (31)
Project (15)
RFID (30)
Robot-> (142)
Semiconductor-> (857)
Sensor-> (184)
Tools (57)
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