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3W Mini Amplifier

3W Mini Amplifier
Excellent noise suppression, the case is not connected to the input audio, ears close to the speakers also do not hear any noise, two-channel stereo, 5V 3W +3 W power supply can output can directly drive a small speaker 4Ω, 8Ω,output power, full of energy, good sound quality. Unique Null-LC filter Class-D digital power board, and can be used directly to the computer’s USB powered. Dual-panel wiring, and properly solve the wiring the ground potential balance and inter-channel crosstalk, ultra-miniature design, can easily be placed in the internal space for a variety of digital products, ultra-high amplification efficiency. All using the machine for the entire board soldering, hand soldering iron welding quality comparable!

Super mini size: 1.85*2.11cm
High efficiency 85% for this IC.
Rated working voltage 2.5 ~ 5V, limit working voltage of 5.5V, Can be powered up by USB
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