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 Fully open source and re-programmable using the Propeller Tool
 Arduino Shield Compatible
o w/ Supporting Interface Libraries and Demo Applications for the Arduino and BASIC Stamp
 VGA resolution (640x480) RGB565/YUV655 color sensor o Image processing rate of 8 frames per second
o Raw image dumps over serial or to flash card
 (640:320:160:80)x(480:240:120:60) image resolution
 RGB565/YUV655 color space
 Onboard Image Processing (QQVGA 160x120)
o Track user defined color blobs in the RGB/YUV color space
o Mean, median, mode and standard deviation data collection
o Segmented (thresholded) image capture for tracking visualization (over serial or to flash card)
 80x60 image resolution
 Monochrome color space
o Histogram generation (up to 128 Bins)
o Arbitrary image clipping (windowing)
 μSD/μSDHC flash card slot with FAT16/32 full file system driver support o w/ Directory and File manipulation
 I/O Interfaces o Two-port servo controller (pan and tilt w/ 1us resolution at a 40 Hz refresh rate)
 Pan and/or Tit servo channels can be configured as GPIOs
o Indicator user controllable LED (red) and power LED (green)
o TTL UART (up to 115200 baud – 19200 baud by default)
 Monochrome baseband analog video output (NTSC/PAL) of 160x120 resolution for tracking visualization (segmented (thresholded) image w/ color centroid and bounding box overlay at 8 FPS)
 CMUcam4 GUI for viewing images on the PC Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, lihat penjelasan produk ini di data sheet.

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