DMT-1604Plus Matrix LED + Driver Indoor

DMT-1604Plus Matrix LED + Driver Indoor
DMT-1604 is a module with LED Matrix 5" high and the configuration of LEDs 7 x 6 pixels that can be assembled into moving sign with a flexible number of characters as needed. Besides arranged lengthwise, DMT-1604 can also be coupled to the top so that it can form the characters with special fonts or graphics form

DMT-1604Plus module has seven rows of fruit transistor amplifier and serves as a master module which is connected directly to the system microcontroller

- Height: 5 "
- 6 x 7 pixels
- 1 pixel consists of four LED
- The red color intensity of 4000mcd
- To DMT-1604 Plus
- 7 transistor row amplifier
- Cascadeable to 20 pcs of DMT-1604
- Input Row1 - Row7 TTL Level
- Equipped with shift registers and the transistor coloumn amplifier
- Input SDA and SCK, synchronous serial
- FR4 PCB through hole
For more information, please visit this products data sheet.

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