DST-51 Pro 2 USB Version

DST-51 Pro 2 USB Version
DST-5x Pro 1 Version is based AT895x Development System equipped Logic 32-bit LED tester so the user can see the logic conditions at tiap2 I / O. Development System can also be programmed directly through its USB Port
n this version of Pro 2, DST-5x is also equipped with 8KB External Program Memory and DDT-52 Debugger to trace faults in the design of applications programs and 50 built in routine to facilitate the development of the system.
- 8Kb Parallel EEPROM
- 32 Kb Expandable External Memory
- DDT-52 Delta Debugger Tools
- AT89C51, AT89C52, AT89C55, AT89S51, AT89S52 AT89S53, AT89S8252 Support
- ISP ISP Port & Cable
- Single in-line & Old DST-compatible port 51
- 35-bit LED Logic Tester with
Enable Jumper - PC Keyboard PS2 Connector
- 9-12V AC / DC Input
- 9-12V DC In / Out
- 5V DC Input for 5V Switching
- I2C Serial EEPROM 8KB
- 2 LCD port, Hitachi & M1632 Standard with Contrast Adjustment
- RS232 Port
- I2C Port
- Manual / Power On / Reset Serial
- Delta Software Studio IDE for MCS-51

Package consists :
- Evaluation Board V3.7 DST-
- DDT-52 Debugger Tools for DST-52
- DST-51 Monitor Tools for DST-51
- RS232 Cable
- CD Software
- Reference Manual DST-51 / 2

DST-51 Manual
- AN0158 Additional facility of DST V3.7 Modul
- AN0159 Additional facility of DST V3.7 Modul(2)
- AN0160 Using JFE as an IDE in DST-51 USB Version

Driver untuk Downloader v4 (Win7)

- Atmel IDE Software
- Delta MCS51 IDE Software (not for USB version)
- JFE IDE Software (recommended for USB version)
- Code Vision AVR (used for AVR)
- Parallel Port ISP Programmer
- Contoh-contoh program

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