D-GPS508 Delta GPS GSM GPRS 508

D-GPS508 Delta GPS GSM GPRS 508
D-GPS508 Development System is a module for the application of GSM / GPRS / GPS that has been equipped with some additional features such as open-collector output 3A, Atmel microcontroller pad and ISP Port, Onboard Power Regulator and Extra I / O ports so users can make this module as Board Application Development Board as well as after the development process is complete.

- Frequency: Quad-band: GSM850, GSM900, DCS1800, DCS1900
- GPRS multi slot class 10 (default)
- GPRS Multi slot class 8 (option)
- GPRS mobile station class B
- AT Command support
- GPRS data downlink transfer max 85.6 kbps
- GPRS data uplink transfer max 42.8 kbps
- SIM508 integrate TCP / IP Protocol
- Autobaudrate 1200-115200 bps for GSM Serial
- 3 RS232 Serial Port, GSM / GPRS Serial, Serial NMEA0183 GPS, GPS Serial Binary
- Atmel microcontroller compatible pad AT89S51, AT89S52, AT89S8253, ATMega8515, ATMega161 or ATMega162
- ISP port for programming Atmel Microcontroller
- 18 General I / O Port Atmel Microcontroller
- USB port for the Atmel microcontroller series
- Selector Switch: Atmel Microcontroller <-> GSM Serial or Atmel microcontroller
<-> USB Port
- GPS Antenna GPS Power Switch and Power Switch
- 3 ports open collector 3A. Can be connected directly to the relay
- Onboard Power Regulator 6-26 Volt DC Input
- Audio features:
o Line In for microphone input
o Line out to speaker output
o RJ11 Telephone Headset compatible
- GPS and GSM External Antenna
- SIM Card Connector
- Network LED Indicator
- USB Port TX-RX LED Indicator
- Power LED Indicator
- 1 bit General function of LED to the Atmel Microcontroller
- Module Status LED Indicator
- GPS_TimeArk LED Indicator
- PCB hole FR4/through
- 1 channel Analog Input
- GPS features:
o GPS Receiver with GSC3f SiRFStar III chip set
o AI3 / F (SiRF Interface) for A-GPS
o RTCM (for DGPS)
o Autonomous <10m
o Beacon DGPS <3m
o Tracking: L1, C / A Code
o 20 Channel
o Update rate: 1 Hz default
o Trackng Sensitivity: - 157 + / - 2dBm
o Max Altitude: <60,000 ft (18,000 meters)
o Max velocity: <1,000 knots (515 m / s)
o Protocol support: NMEA0183 & SiRF Binary
o HotStart: <1 second, open sky
o Warmstart: <38 second, open sky
o Coldstart: <42 second, open sky

The package consists of:
- Module D-GPS508
- Module SIM508
- GSM External Antenna
- External GPS Antennta
- RS232 cable
- USB Cable
- CD Software
- User Manual
For more information, please visit this products data sheet.

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