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Bioloid GP

Bioloid GP
Top-notch humanoid armed with high performance actuator DYNAMIXEL AX-18A
Humanoid Battle and Soccer programming provided and Ready to Run.
Adjusts posture while walking with the included Gyro Sensor
Includes a gripper set for mission completion
Wireless remote controller (with Zigbee communication )
Program new Motions and Behaviours using the advanced Roboplus
S/W with 3D Motion Animator, Inverse Kinematics and more.
Optional frames for waist twisting

The Bioloid GP builds on the Bioloid Platform offering a number of Advanced Technologies that power the Robot:

CM-510 controller with 6 sensor ports
Digital Packet Communication with Daisy Chain connection
Gyroscope Sensor for continuous Posture adjustment
Zigbee communication for non-interference signal control
LiPo battery
Roboplus S/W with 3D Motion Animator, Inverse Kinematics and
Strutuctured Visual Programming Tool

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