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RFID Card Reader/Detector Module Kit (13.56Mhz, RC522, S50, Mifa

RFID Card Reader/Detector Module Kit (13.56Mhz, RC522, S50, Mifa
Module Name: MF522-ED
Working current:13—26mA/ DC 3.3V
Standby current:10-13mA/DC 3.3V
sleeping current:<80uA
peak current:<30mA
Working frequency:13.56MHz
Card reading distance :0~60mm(mifare1 card)
data communication speed:Maximum 10Mbit/s
Card types supported:mifare1 S50、mifare1 S70、mifare UltraLight、mifare Pro、mifare Desfire
Working temperature:-20—80 degree
Storage temperature:-40—85 degree
Humidity:relevant humidity 5%—95%
Max SPI speed: 10Mbit/s
For more information, please visit this products data sheet.

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