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For shipment accuracy, since 29th Sept 2012 our packing process always record by CCTV system. If you found lost item in your order when open the packaging, you could ask the CCTV documentation to our customer service via YM or phone +62-31-5928418 on office hour. If they could not give the documents, please send the complain to

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2 x 8 Channel 12V Relay Module
1 x Thermistor 5K
1 x LM2575 T-ADJ IC Switching Voltage Regulator 1A
1 x Red Single Cable
1 x Myo Gesture Armband
1 x RFID Absence Machine Application
1 x TWS-433
1 x Jack RCA Gold
3 x Sound Activation
1 x ESP8266 Wifi PCB Board
1 x Bridge 1A
1 x Transistor 2SC828
1 x Transistor D1020
1 x RF02 RF Remote Control Module
1 x Transistor 2SC829
1 x Delta Q Printer
1 x Transistor TIP142 TO-247
1 x Transistor D 1310
1 x Kit Workshop With Arduino
1 x Tinkerkit Touch Sensor
1 x 74C923 16-Key Encoder
1 x Arduino UNO
1 x Alligator Clip
1 x DC Ampere Meter 0 - 5A
1 x Voice Extreme Module
1 x Arduino Robot (UK Plug)
1 x RFM70-D
1 x heatshrink 3mm
2 x Fingerspot Revo Duo 158BNC ( Dual Sensor )
2 x UTP Cable
1 x BH-04 Black Housing 4P
1 x Drill 5 mm
1 x RFM01-433 Receiver COB Module 433 MHz
2 x Wifi Shield for Arduino
1 x Triac BTA41800
1 x Busa Solder
1 x Wireless Motion Detector
1 x CR802A R/W RFID Module 13.56 MHz + Antenna
1 x ms-03
1 x 12V 1Ch Wireless RF Relay
2 x Transistor D 415
1 x 808H5V5 Humidity Transmitter
1 x DCBT-24AX RF Transceiver Module 2.4 GHz
1 x Otomation System Practice Module
1 x Transistor C 9012
1 x Iso Card Mifare 1K
2 x Arduino Nano V3.0 Atmega328
1 x Arduino Bluetooth
1 x HDMI to VGA Adapter
1 x Receiver FSK-RLP916F
1 x 1N4002 General Purpose Rectifiers
1 x ms-06
1 x Atmel JTAGICE3
1 x Thermo Control Pro Version 4 Channel
1 x HD402L - Header 2x40 Long
1 x USR TCP232 T RS232
1 x Electric Curtain - Wireless Gordyn
1 x Smarthome Control 3 Package
1 x ACR122U NFC + SDK
1 x Transistor B507
1 x LED Blinking Blue 5mm LED-0501BB
1 x Inverter DY8105 350W
1 x DC Cable
1 x R/W RFID 13.56 MHz Ethernet Version
1 x ms-07
1 x Auto Step Up & Down 2 in 1 Modul DC Buck Boost Converter Module
1 x Transistor 2N 3394
1 x Touch Switch Saklar Sentuh Remote Control 433 MHz
1 x White Single Cable
2 x Web Based Air Condition Control & Monitor
1 x MMA7361 Tripple Axis
1 x 7905 3-Terminal Negative Regulator
1 x Fiber PCB 5" x 6"
1 x FET-174
1 x Transistor BC 517
2 x Buzzer 12V
1 x PC817 High Density Mounting Type Photocoupler
1 x ID-20 RFID Reader
1 x Arduino Mega ADK
1 x Transistor 2SC4769
1 x HD401 - Header 1x40
1 x Power Supply Switching 5V / 1A
1 x LD-51 LED Logic Tester
1 x Tinkerkit Mega Sensor
1 x Cover DB25
1 x ms-04
1 x Access Control Handle
1 x SMA Cable
1 x Penutup CPU
1 x Bor PCB
1 x Red NYAF Cable 1.5
1 x Green AWG-20 Cable
1 x Analog Oscilloscope
1 x Transistor 2SC4423
1 x Transistor D 400
1 x Emic Text to Speech Parallax
1 x Transistor TIP142
1 x Alpha Numeric Segment
1 x Delta-Track V1.3 Car GPS Tracker + Sensor Interface
1 x Raspberry Pi Molded Plastic Case B+
1 x Industrial Push Button Switch
1 x Power Transformer 500mA non CT
1 x Smarthome Economical Package 3
1 x DB36 Male Cable
1 x MOC3041 Optotriac with zero crossing detector
1 x Bracket
1 x Transistor BU 2508 AF
1 x HB14 - Header Box 14
2 x Bolt + Nut + Ring M3x20
2 x Transistor BD249
1 x Receiver ASK - RLP916
2 x Smarthome Special Package
1 x GT60N321 TOSHIBA Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor Silicon N Cha
1 x FET-IRF840
1 x IRF3205 Power MOSFET
1 x Timah Solder 0.33mm
1 x Wireless Smart Relay
1 x Wallmount Dimmer Switch
1 x Transistor D 882
1 x 20 second Voice Recording Module A93010
1 x DB36 Female IDC
2 x Transistor C3203
1 x PCB Pertinax 10x20 + Positive 20
1 x 0-50A Amperemeter
1 x Delta Encoder Kit Type 4
1 x CR013A R/W RFID Module 13.56 MHz + Antenna
1 x D8279 Programmable Keyboard and Display
1 x Transistor D 1398
1 x Trinket Pro 5V
1 x LED Bicolors Red/Green 5mm LED-0502RG
1 x Arduino Wifi Shield
1 x SHT-11
1 x BH-10 Black Housing 11P
1 x Water Level Detector
1 x Transistor BD 535
1 x Ignition IGBT NGB8206N 20 A, 350 V, N − Channel D 2 PAK
1 x 1N5401 Diode 5A
1 x Transistor 2N3904
1 x UDOO Dual Basic - Open Hardware Low Cost Computer
1 x AN44023A
1 x DB9 Female PCB
1 x Transistor BC638
2 x DIY 1-way sound sensor module for arduino
1 x Green AWG-24 Cable
1 x Bridge 5A
1 x Shield Cable 6p
1 x Transistor BD 139
1 x Transistor C1815
1 x CR003 RFID Module
1 x Wireless Remote Control
1 x Transistor BC559
1 x Bolt + Nut + Ring M3x15
1 x Arduino Esplora
1 x LED Blue 3mm 2500 mili candela
1 x 12V 1W Zener 1N4733
1 x R/W RFID 13.56 MHz USB Version
1 x AWG Black Cable
1 x Glue Gun Refill
1 x EBR8 8 Ch Relay Driver Expansion PCB
1 x HC20 - Header Cover 20P
1 x Blue AWG-24
1 x Terminal Blok 16 pin
1 x 4-20MA RTD PT100 Temperature Sensor Meter Temperatur
1 x Kinect Adapter for Windows
1 x 0 - 30V Voltmeter
1 x HC05 Bluetooth to Serial Module
1 x Terminal Block 4P TB2504
1 x 1N5348B 11V / 5W Zener Diodes
1 x DC Plug 3mm
1 x Power Supply / Charger 5V 3A output micro USB
1 x 1.0 mm pitch SH Housing 6p Connector
1 x 2SK2401TE24LQCT-ND MOSFET N-CH 200V 15A
1 x Black NYAF Cable 0.75
1 x LED Superbright Blue 5mm LED-0501BS
1 x Tantalum 47 uF/ 16V
1 x Transistor BC 558
1 x Fuse Tabung 0.5A
1 x DBM-01 Delta Bluetooth Module Interface
1 x Transistor BD438
1 x Arduino Uno R3 Clone
1 x Transistor D 880
1 x Sliding Switch
1 x High Quality DVR 8 Channel
1 x Sil Socket 1x40
1 x Transistor D 1326
1 x Transistor D 1396
2 x Cover DB9
1 x Transistor B 649
1 x LED Yellow SMD0805
1 x Red NYAF Cable 0.75
1 x de Smarthome Controller
1 x OT240 Transformer
1 x ETAVRSTAMP ATMega128 Minimum System
1 x Power Transformer 10A
1 x Bolt + Nut M2 x 20