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1 x SNR-US1440
1 x ESP8266 Wifi PCB Board
2 x Spacer Hitam Plastik 15mm
1 x Cypress PSoC Evaluation Kit
1 x MTR-STP04 Motor Stepper tipe M452SP
1 x LM386 Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier
2 x ms-07
1 x Low Cost Gear Motor with bracket
1 x Kabel AWG 26 Kuning
1 x Smarthome Control 2 Package
1 x Antenna TLP RLP 433MHz
1 x DAC0808 8-Bit D/A Converter
1 x Transistor 2N 2369
1 x Battery Panasonic UM-2U
1 x MQ-8 Hydrogen Coal Gas Sensor
1 x EO-AM-NR-C1 - EO Amplitude Modulator, Wavelength: 600 - 900 nm
1 x deParking System - Delta Parking Guidance System
1 x IDC Crimping Tool
1 x INA133 High Speed Precision Difference Amplifiers
1 x Joystick Playstation + DJoy interface
2 x de Smarthome Controller
2 x DC Motor 24V
1 x Hitec HS-225MG Servo Motor
1 x CD4077 Quad Exclusive NOR Gate
2 x 8861 Mifare 1K
2 x KA7500B SMPS Controller
1 x Gearbox Motor 24V
1 x Inductor 10uH
1 x Auto Switch ASW-001
1 x DC Jack to Battery Converter
2 x 8250 UART
2 x Iso Card Mifare 1K
2 x Gearbox Motor 24V+Encoder
1 x EI28 Bobbin
1 x Fingerspot Revo FF 157NB - Stand Alone
1 x SMD 1210 Resistor 470 ohm 1/4W
1 x Capacitor Milar 470nF
1 x CR013A R/W RFID Module 13.56 MHz + Antenna
1 x AD-0809 8 Channel Analog to Digital Converter
1 x Delta Robo Mechanic
1 x Wild Thumper motor with 34:1 gearbox
2 x L298 Stepper Motor Driver
1 x Dip Switch 4P
1 x DB25 Female PCB
1 x Midi 5 Din Connector
1 x Stepper Motor
1 x Kabel AWG Hijau 26
1 x Parallax CMU Cam
1 x LM567 Tone Decoder
1 x ms-09
1 x SMD 0805 Resistor 15 K ohm 1/10 W
1 x LM311 Voltage Comparator
1 x Box Krem Kuping 102 x 65 x 50mm
1 x DIM-01 Delta Isulation Module
1 x TL084 JFET Input Op Amp
1 x Joystick Switch with knop
1 x CM-530 Dynamixel Controller
1 x CD4030 Quad EXCLUSIVE-OR Gate
1 x Smarthome Special Package
1 x CMPS11 Tilt Compensanted Compass Module
1 x Inductor 2.2uH SMD 0805
1 x 3mm diameter shaft
1 x LF353 Wide Bandwidth Dual JFET Input Operational Amplifier
1 x 27C64 8kb Parallel UV EPROM
1 x Conectorputih RA 4pin
1 x Case for Practice Modul
1 x TEMIC 5557
1 x Dipole Wifi Antenna
2 x A2 Battery Holder
1 x MMBT2907
1 x Heatstring 20 mm
1 x D-Sonar Delta Sonar Range Finder
1 x PCB Fiber 9 x 30 cm
1 x CD4067 16-Channel Analogue Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
1 x Ignition IGBT NGB8201 20 A, 400 V, N−Channel DPAK
1 x Power Transformer 1A 25V
1 x R Array 220 ohm 9 pin
1 x DWM-AN1603-433 chip antenna
1 x Transistor 2N 3055 ST
1 x 74LS08 Quad 2 input AND Gate
1 x WIZ105SR Serial to Ethernet
1 x 74HC02 Quad 2 input NOR Gate
3 x TK01 Keychain Mifare 1k
1 x Delta Smart UVTRON Kit
1 x D-Joy Joystick Controller
1 x Low Cost Gear Motor
2 x DDC-01 Delta DC Converter & Regulator 6V
1 x Electrolyte 10 uF / 50 V
1 x Delta Giant Spider (The Robo War Series)
1 x DMT-7802 Plus-R Red Matrix LED 3" + Driver
1 x 7805 5V Voltage Regulator
1 x ms-06
1 x Spring Antenna 433 MHz
1 x CR013B R/W RFID Module 13.56 MHz + Antenna
1 x NPN 7GHz Transistor BFG591
1 x Dip Switch 8P
1 x Delta Single Line Follower V2
1 x DWA 123 Dlink Wireless N150 USB Adapter
1 x Xbee Explorer Dongle
1 x 74HC157 Quad 2-input multiplexer
1 x Gearbox Motor 20V
1 x PCB Pertinax 10x20 + Positive 20
1 x AL4V8M440 8MBits FIFO Field Memory
1 x ADC0804 1 Channel Analog to Digital Converter
1 x DST-X10 Control Panel
1 x LPG Detector
1 x Auto Switch ASW-002
1 x Tantalum 3.3 uF/ 16V
1 x Solarbotics GM9 - Gear Motor 9 - 90 Degree Shaft
1 x STM3220G-SK Keil
1 x AWG26 White Cable
1 x Ear Tag
1 x Delta Soccer Robotic (Single Packet+Terminal Control)
1 x Gerinda Tangan GWS5-100
1 x Parallax Sound Impact
1 x VR 1K Plastic
1 x R/W RFID 13.56 MHz Ethernet Version
1 x Delta Robo Driver
1 x 74HC374 Octal D-type flip-flop; positive edge-trigger; 3-state
1 x CD4012 Dual 4-Input NAND Gate
1 x Wiz110SR Serial to Ethernet
1 x Telephone Cable 3 meters
1 x USB Cable
1 x Eneloop Portable USB Charger
1 x L297 Stepper Motor Driver
1 x XBEE USB Adapter
1 x Sensor Api - R2868 + Kit C3704
1 x KEY-4302
1 x D8279 Programmable Keyboard and Display
1 x STS015Q4F Pressure Sensor
1 x Box Abu-abu 150 x 120 x 40 mm
1 x LM324 SMD
1 x Box LCD Keypad
1 x DST-51 Economic Version
1 x Terminal Block 4P TB2504
1 x GSM/CDMA Antenna
1 x Flexcode iSafe 4500 ( SDK ) Software Development Kit
1 x Black Banana Plug
1 x Electrolyte 2.2 uF / 50 V
1 x DHT-22 Digital Humidity and Temperature Sensor
1 x Blank PCB
1 x SMD 0805 Resistor 1.2K ohm 1/10 W
1 x ms-01
1 x Box Aluminium 90x56x33
1 x KittyBee Arduino Zigbee Shield
1 x ADC0809 8 Channel Analog to Digital Converter
2 x 74F86 Quad 2-input Exclusive OR Gate
1 x solar cell 5.2v 21ma
1 x SMD 0805 Resistor 150 ohm 1/10 W
1 x HS-131 Nature Gas Sensor
1 x Delta Hex Engine V2
1 x Blue AWG-20
1 x Omron Tactile Switch Yellow
1 x Wiz200 web Embedded Web server module
1 x MQ-6 LPG Gas Sensor
1 x Trafo Power 200mA
1 x CD4009 Hex Buffer Inverting
1 x SMD 0805 Resistor 2M ohm 1/10 W
1 x CD4043 Quad R/S Latch with Tri-State Outputs
1 x Wireless CO Detector
1 x SMD0603 Resistor Array 4x2 2.2k ohm
1 x High Quality DVR 8 Channel
1 x MC68HC24FN Port Replacement Unit for 6811
1 x NJU7034 Low Voltage C MOS Operational Amplifier
1 x VR 10K Plastic
1 x Terminal Blok 8pin kecil
1 x 74LS07 Hex Buffer/Drivers with open collector high-voltage outpu
1 x 2468 Flat Wire 6 pin
1 x RJ-45 with filter
1 x SST-04 Seven Segment Interface
1 x AT89S51-24AU
1 x EF6821-Peripheral Drivers & Components - PCIs PIA I/O 1MHz
1 x DC Motor 24V
1 x BC549 NPN general purpose transistors
1 x 5 meters RJ45 Cable
1 x Potensio 1M Mono
1 x Photodiode 3mm
1 x Inductor 1.5mH
1 x Inductor 1mH
1 x 74HC139 Dual 2-to-4 line decoder/demultiplexer
1 x Delta IR Control Kit
1 x Fingerspot Neo-152NC
1 x Broadlink SP Mini
1 x Smarthome Control 4 Package
1 x BO-02 Black Connector 2P
1 x SNR-SQ40 Ultrasonic Transducer - SQ40
1 x Ladder Chain & Sprocket Set
1 x GSM Relay - Modem GSM SIM900 / SIM300C + 8 relay + Cassing+Downl
1 x M63151FP Polygon Scanner Motor Driver (DMOS Driver)
1 x 74F86 EXOR Gate
1 x X650G Xaircraft
1 x HS-133 LPG Sensor
1 x Digital Storage Oscilloscope with Panels
1 x SQ40T High Quality 40 KHz Ultrasonic Receiver