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1 x Inductor 200uH
1 x DST-R8C Stamp Versi Stamp R8C Tiny
1 x R Array 330 ohm 9 pin
2 x Interlink Electronics 0.2” Circular FSR
1 x MPX4100AP1
1 x Raspberry Case + Fan + Heatsink
3 x Dipole Wifi Antenna
2 x MPX4100DP
1 x Zigbee Demonstration Kits
2 x Hitec HS322 Servo Motor
1 x DB36 Male Cable
1 x Red Banana Plug
1 x Solarbotics VPM2 Vibrating Disk Motor
2 x MOC3041 Optotriac with zero crossing detector
1 x Bell Otomatis Sekolah
2 x PSW0502
1 x Delta-Track V1.2 Car GPS Tracker
1 x MT8870 DTMF Receiver
2 x LD01 IR Infrared Diode
1 x Omron Power Supply PA205R
1 x Singleturn 10K Top Adjust
1 x D-Joy Joystick Controller Complete Set
1 x Led Superbright White 3mm
1 x MPX2050GP 50 kPa On-Chip Temperature Compensated and Calibrated
1 x GPS Module Ublox Neo-6M
1 x Infrared Remote Control
1 x DC Motor 24V
2 x AN44023A
1 x PH Meter
1 x LED Bicolor Red/Green
1 x L298 Stepper Motor Driver
1 x Devantech CMPS09 Tilt Compensated Compass Module
1 x TGS 822- Sensor Gas monoxide, ammonia, sulphur dioxide, alcohol
1 x EI28 Ferit Core
1 x ST40 - Socket IC 40P
1 x HB20 - Header Box 20
1 x DST-Train-RLog Modul Praktikum Rangkaian Logika
1 x Tinkerkit Touch Sensor
3 x IND125-1 RFID 125 KHz Antenna
1 x ISD2560 60 second Voice Recording
1 x 1N4004 General Purpose Rectifiers
1 x GSM/CDMA Antenna
1 x MQ-6 LPG Module + Sensor
1 x Diode 3A
1 x TL072 Low Noise JFET Op Amp
1 x Inductor 1.5mH
2 x Delta Hex Engine V2
1 x RS Tg-28CM Gripper with TT motor
1 x TFDU4100 Infrared Serial Transceiver
1 x MCP41100 Digital Potentio with SPI Interface
1 x SEE-24 I2C Serial EEPROM 8Kb
2 x Power Supply 12V/1A Model ADP12EB
2 x CY82C744 RFID IC 13.56 MHz
1 x Arduino Uno R3
2 x MCP2150 - IRDA Controller
1 x Banana Jack
1 x DB36 Female IDC
2 x D-Joy Joystick Controller
1 x Inductor 100uH
1 x Terminal Blok 6P
1 x Socket Set Screw M4x6MM P0.70
2 x Terminal Blok 8P
2 x Thermoelectric Power Generation Tablets SP1848-2714 + USB Charge
1 x DS1812 Power ON Reset IC
1 x Parts F D-Logo Robotic
1 x Capacitor Keramik 8CM 8pF
2 x Delta Giant Hexapod Crawler
2 x TLP521 Optocoupler
1 x Single Line IR Detector
2 x L2690 High power GaAlAs infrared LED
1 x SR160 1A Schottky Barrier Rectifier
1 x AT89S4051-24PU 8 bit Microcontroller with 8Kb Flash
1 x STD - 14 Socket IC 14P - DD
2 x BRC-001 Barcode Reader
2 x LM386 Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier
1 x CS5460 Single Phase Bi-Directional Power/Energy IC
1 x DDC-01 Delta DC Converter & Regulator 6V
2 x SAD-04 64 pin LQFP Adapter
2 x 1N5819HW-7-F Schottky Barrier Rectifier
1 x Delta Encoder Kit Type 3
1 x HP03S
1 x Socket DC Bulat
1 x Kabel AWG 20 kuning
1 x Diode Schottky SS34A
1 x Solarbotics Tiny Pager Motor (TPM2)
1 x Solarbotics GM2 - Gear Motor 2 Offset Shaft
2 x Pololu BCM Wheel
1 x Capacitor Keramik 470 pF
1 x DST-Train-Elka Modul Praktikum Elka Dasar
1 x Kotak Kuning Besar
1 x CD4025 Triple 3-Input NOR Gate
2 x Dot Matrix 5x7 4"
1 x ACS754xCB-050 Current Sensor
1 x OOPIC Starter Kit
1 x M2x30
1 x Fuse 1A
2 x MQ-5 LPG Sensor
1 x Singleturn 5K Top Adjust
5 x Power Supply 12V/2A SHA1030S
1 x PS2 Keyboard Socket PCB Mount
2 x 12 Channel Relay Control
3 x Arduino UNO
1 x 3dB Wifi Antenna
1 x LM311 Voltage Comparator
2 x 5A Digital Laboratory Power Supply
1 x Female Socket AC
4 x Fiber PCB 12" x 8"
2 x Trimmer kondensator 6-50pf
1 x Inductor 2.2mH
1 x PG24064 LCD
1 x Power Supply Switching 5V / 1A
1 x Delta Robo Mechanic
1 x UVTRON Driver Circuit C3704
1 x AC Socket PCB Mount
2 x Power Supply Switching 12V/1A
1 x Fiber PCB 3" x 4"
2 x Cover DB25
1 x Motorcycle RPM
1 x MPX5050DP Pressure Sensor
1 x ADXL330 3Axis +/- 3g Accelerator
1 x Bridge GSIB660 6A
2 x 12V 1W Zener 1N4733
1 x Arrester
1 x Push ON Switch (Black)
4 x HS-805BB Giant Servo Motor
2 x P3 LED Full Colour Videotron Cabinet - Kabinet /m2
1 x AP-20P Amphenol PCB 20 pin Right Angle
1 x MTR-DC01 Motor DC
2 x MT8888 DTMF Transmitter/Receiver
1 x Midi 5 Din Connector
2 x Delta Robo Kits V2.2
1 x Delta Hexapod Crawler (Warrior Version)
1 x ISD25120 120 second Voice Recording
1 x PDS1040 10A Schottky Barrier Rectifier
1 x XBee-PRO XBP24-AWI-001
1 x Parts C Infrared Receiver
1 x MTR-STP01 Motor Stepper tipe PM3S
1 x 15 inch Timing Belt
3 x Bolt + Nut + Ring M3x15
1 x Autonic Rotary Encoder ENB-500-3-2
1 x Nokia LCD 5110 white backlight
1 x Drill 0.8 mm
1 x CD4022 Divide-by-8 Counter/Divider
1 x Arduino Box
1 x Bolt 3mm x 150 mm
1 x MS5803 - 14BA Miniature 14 bar Module
1 x Singleturn 2K Top Adjust
2 x L297 Stepper Motor Driver
1 x PCB Fiber 19.5x50 cm
1 x Trimmer kondensator 0-20pf
2 x Fast IGBT in NPT-technology with soft, fast recovery anti-parall
1 x AD780ARZ 2.5 V/3.0 V High Precision Reference
1 x PCB Fiber 9 x 30 cm
1 x 65 mm Robotic Wheels
1 x Yellow Spacer 10 mm
2 x Digital Torque MG996R Servo Metal Gear
1 x Arduino Due
1 x LM329 6.9V Precision Voltage Reference
3 x XR2211 FSK Demodulator Tone Decoder
1 x Trimmer kondensator 0-30pf
2 x Pin Blackhousing
2 x Cable Steel Centronic
2 x D-Logo Part Connector
1 x Battery Panasonic UM-2U
1 x Current Transformer 200A with Clamp
1 x DC Socket to 9V Battery Clip
1 x LCD-160202 16x2 backlight biru
2 x TP5089 DTMF Touch Tone Generator
1 x PA1356-1 13.56 MHz RFID Antenna
2 x Power Supply Switching 12V/4A
5 x W238 Load Switching Application
1 x HIN207CB RS232 Transmitter Receiver with 0.1uF Ext Capacitors
1 x HD402 - Header 2x40
1 x Push On kecil bulat
1 x Parts G D-Logo Robotic
1 x Terminal Blok 4P
1 x ISD2590 Voice Record Playback Device 90 Seconds
1 x ISD4004-16M Voice Record/Play IC for 16 minutes
1 x Parallax CMU Cam
2 x TRN-02 Trainer Board Professional Version+Gratis USB Programmer
1 x Blue Skun Connector
2 x R9454 Flame Sensor + C10423 UVTRON Driving Circuit
1 x Wifi Shield for Arduino
1 x Robotic Gearbox Motor
1 x Inti Toroid 1 cm
1 x GPS Voice Interface
2 x Trimmer kondensator 60pf
3 x 5V Swiching Module Power Supply
1 x Varistor
1 x 4 channel audio connector
2 x Delta Hex Engine
1 x ABG128064A Graphic LCD 128 x 64
2 x 900Mhz Duck Anntena RP-SMA
1 x GP2D12-IR Object Detector
1 x Penutup CPU
1 x Ladder Chain & Sprocket Set
1 x Laser Diode
1 x Power Supply Switching 5V/2A refurbish
1 x Sliding Switch
1 x Web Control Board
3 x Spacer PLastik Putih
1 x DS1307 Serial Real Time Clock
1 x CM8870 DTMF Receiver
2 x Solarbotics Brushed DC Pager Motor (RPM2)
2 x Speaker 8 ohm /0.5W
2 x GPS Ceramic Built In Antenna
1 x LM324 Low Power Quad Amplifier
1 x LM567 Tone Decoder
1 x Piezo Vibration Sensor - Large
2 x Water Level Detector V2
2 x MK48T02-70 CMOS 2kx8 Timekeeper SRAM
1 x Power Transformer 500mA CT
1 x 3.0V to 5.5V, Low-Power, up to 1Mbps, True RS-232
1 x Inductor 100mH
1 x Sanwa Digital Multimeter CD770
1 x BATTERY 1200mA/3.7V NI-MH 1200MAH
1 x Inductor 1mH
1 x Arduino Mega 2560
1 x DB9 Male PCB
1 x PCF8591 8 bit AD DA Converter
1 x DH-18 Delta Hexapod 18 servo Pro Version
1 x Telephone Rosette isi 2
1 x AC Socket
1 x R Array 4.7K 5 pin
1 x AT89C5132 USB Microcontroller with 64K Bytes Flash Memory
1 x EF6821-Peripheral Drivers & Components - PCIs PIA I/O 1MHz
2 x ULN2003 Seven Darlington Arrays
1 x Inductor 2.2uH SMD 0805
1 x MQ-8 Hydrogen Coal Gas Sensor
2 x Emi Filter 3A - YB03A1
2 x TTP223 touch sensor
1 x Bolt + Nut + Ring M3x20
1 x Fuse Holder
2 x MMSZ5231B Zener Diode
1 x PC817 High Density Mounting Type Photocoupler
1 x p.Brain-u24 Hex Engine
1 x EL7900 Light Sensor
1 x Battery Sanyo 2500 NiMH
1 x GWS S03T HT BB
1 x Delta Robo CPU
1 x DDC-01 Delta DC Converter & Regulator 3.3V
1 x Bilik Disinfektan Rangka PVC
1 x Buzzer 5V
2 x FM Receiver Antenna Silver
1 x AP-40PRA Amphenol PCB 40 pin Right Angle
1 x Press n Peel Paper
1 x As Gear Servo
1 x DS12887 Parallel Real Time Clock
1 x Scanning Laser Range Finder
1 x SR-232 Serial Interface RS232
1 x Connector MMC
1 x Parts D D-Logic Robotic
1 x GP2D15-IR Object Detector
1 x DB25 Female PCB
1 x Solarbotics Black Spare Traction Band
1 x 8253 Programmable Timer
1 x 2 Servos Arm Length: 13 cm with 2
1 x DELTA LINE FOLLOWER (Economic Version)
1 x Push ON Push OFF 15 x 15 mm
1 x Black Banana Plug
1 x M3x4MM
1 x GPS Module CT-G348SLP
1 x CD4024 7-Stage Binary Counter
6 x Twin Gear Motor Gearbox [004-0008]
2 x MC68HC24FN Port Replacement Unit for 6811
1 x NE555 Timer
1 x heatshrink 10mm
1 x Delta Soccer Robotic (Complete Packet+Terminal Control)
1 x Singleturn 20 ohm Top Adjust
1 x M3 Nut
1 x Capacitor Keramik 502CM 5nF
1 x Solarbotics GM3 - Gear Motor 3 - 90 degree Shaft
1 x R Array 10K 9 pin
1 x Power Transformer 1A
1 x Solarbotics GMB39 - GM3/GM9 Gear Motor Bracket
1 x DB36 Female PCB
1 x XR2206 Monolithic Function Generator
1 x KA324 Quad Operational Amplifier
1 x 80 mm Robotic Wheel
1 x Diode Zener 5.1V 1/2W
1 x Easy AVR Pro 7 - Atmel Studio
1 x AWG26 White Cable
1 x Capacitor Keramik 47nF
3 x High Torque Stepper Motor
2 x PID System Practice Module
1 x AC Voltage Sensor ZMPT101B
1 x MC3PHAC Motor Controller IC
1 x MSR-H01 Micromagic Hexapod Kit (Mechanic Only, Silver)
1 x AT24C01 SMD
1 x Inductor 1.8mH
1 x Lego Mindstorm NXT Accelerometer
1 x Sensor ph for Arduino
1 x CMPS03 Kompas Elektronik
1 x Light Depending Resistant
1 x ADE7752 Polyphase Energy Metering IC with Pulse Output
1 x Inductor 120uH
1 x HT9020B Call Progress Tone Detector
1 x RJ11-P
1 x Delta Encoder Kit Type 1
1 x HW Small B
1 x SNR-GYRO Piezzo Gyro Sensor
1 x Delta-Track V1.1 Motor bike GPS Tracker
1 x 20p White Connector
1 x Red Banana Socket
2 x Unipolar Motor Stepper
1 x PCF8591 8 bit AD DA Converter
1 x PT-01 IR - Photodiode
1 x Bel Otomatis Sekolah V2
1 x Multiturn 5K Side Adjust
1 x Conectorputih RA 4pin
1 x AC 85-265V to DC 5V Power Module
1 x As Roda
4 x PSW0501
2 x Bolt M3x5
1 x Adafruit Protoboard
1 x Delta Single Line Follower V1
1 x TDA1170 TV Vertical Deflection Systems
1 x Spacer 25 mm
1 x DU ISP V5 USB Atmel Downloader USB With Case (Win Vista & Seven
1 x Power SUpply Switching 12V/3A
1 x PQ05Z11 Low Power Loss Voltage Regulatrs
3 x Fiber PCB 5" x 6"
1 x 1N4002 General Purpose Rectifiers
1 x Socket DC
1 x Resistor 3.3 / 5W
2 x Automatic Profil Scanner
1 x Power Supply / Charger 5V 3A output micro USB
1 x AT89S4051 8 bit Microcontroller with 4Kb Flash
2 x 2830-1000s 1000Kv Brushless Motor
1 x ADE7753 Single-Phase Multifunction Metering IC with di/dt Sensor
2 x LMD18200T H Bridge 3A
1 x MCP-2551 High Speed CAN Transceiver
1 x ZCT801 Current
3 x Hitec HS-311 Servo Motor
1 x Bridge KBJ608G 6A Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifier
1 x MC33887 5.0 A H-Bridge with Load Current Feedback
1 x Power Supply Apple A2M0030
1 x ms-03
1 x Potensio 5K Mono
2 x ms-09
2 x DST-NAVI Range Finder & Navigation Complete Set
1 x Bolt + Nut M2 x 20
1 x DF-88 Phone Interface V3
1 x 6 Servo Robo Arm
1 x MTR-STP04 Motor Stepper tipe M452SP
1 x FT-232RL
1 x AD02 - 16 Bit ADC Self Calibrating
1 x Power Supply Switching 12V/3.44A
1 x Blank PCB
1 x Box Abu-abu 150 x 120 x 40 mm
2 x R Array 1K 9 pin
1 x Thermoelectric Power Generation Tablets SP1848-2714
1 x Solarbotics GM6 - Gear Motor 6 - Baby GM2
1 x UDN 2981 DIP-18
1 x Plain PCB 20x35cm single layer FR4 1.6mm
2 x Drill 5 mm
1 x Timah Solder 0.33mm
2 x HT12E 2^12 Series Encoders
1 x ms-06
1 x Power Supply 12V/3A Switching
1 x OT240 Transformer
1 x Wallmount Stop Kontak
1 x Beacon Locator Position by GPS Application
1 x Power Supply Switching 5V/3A
2 x Motor DC 12V 4500 rpm
1 x M25E-6 Mini Air Pump Micro Pressure Pump
2 x MCP3906 Energy Metering IC with Real Power Pulse Output
1 x GSM Short Antenna
1 x Wild Thumper DC Motor Encoder
1 x MAX9924UAUB+ Variable Reluctance Sensor Interfaces with Differen
1 x UPS Prolink 600VA
1 x Otomation System Practice Module
1 x Xbee Explorer Dongle
1 x Wild Thumper motor with 34:1 gearbox
1 x D-Sonar Delta Sonar Range Finder
1 x LM565 Phase Lock Loop
2 x MTR-STP02 Motor Stepper tipe M55SP
1 x Power Supply Switching 5V/2A
2 x Hitec HS-225MG Servo Motor
1 x DAC0830 8-Bit μP Compatible, Double-Buffered D to A Convert
2 x R Array 100K 9 pin
1 x 74C923 16-Key Encoder
1 x Arduino Jumper Cable
1 x GWS S04 Servo
1 x 1N5345B Zener Diodes 8.7V 5W
1 x Solarbotic Wheel Watcher Spacer
1 x ISD4004-8M SOIC Voice Record/Play IC for 8 minutes
1 x R Array 100 ohm 9 pin
1 x Multiturn 100K Top Adjust
1 x Terminal Blok 2P
1 x Power Transformer 3A
1 x Luminary Micro LM3S811 Eval Kit
1 x Dynamo Platinum Tamiya
1 x Delta Encoder Kit Type 5
1 x SHT-75 Humidity and Temperature Sensor
1 x 1N5401 Diode 5A
1 x Probe Connector
1 x DDC-01 Delta DC Converter & Regulator 5V
1 x DST-AXIS Delta Accelerator Module
1 x MQ-131 Ozone Sensor
1 x GPS Antenna 3-5V with SMA Connector
1 x Hitec HS-5055MG digital feather servo
1 x Fuse Tabung 0.5A
1 x CM8888 DTMF Transmitter/Receiver
1 x Omnidirectional Microphone with Bottom Port and Digital Output A
1 x Solarbotics GM8 - Gear Motor 8 - Offset Shaft
1 x M48T58-70PCI Timekeeper RAM
1 x Display Timer System for Service Station
1 x Delta Encoder Kit Type 4
1 x ADC0804 1 Channel Analog to Digital Converter
1 x ADXL203CE Precision +/- 1.7g Dual Axis Accelerometer
1 x GPS WD-G-ZX4120
1 x PCB Transfer Paper
1 x Kabel AWG 26 Kuning
1 x LCD-160201 16x2 Hitachi
1 x Kabel AWG 22 Hijau
1 x Photoreflector
1 x Printed Ciecuit Board
1 x ICL7107 3.5 digit LED AD Converter
1 x Solarbotics GM9 - Gear Motor 9 - 90 Degree Shaft
1 x Parts B DC Motor
1 x HEXBUG Ant Robotic Creature
1 x Circlip S-15
1 x Zener Diode 3.6V SMD ZMM3V6
1 x Delta Smart UVTRON Kit
1 x Wiz107SR Serial to Ethernet Module
1 x Push ON with LED
1 x TowerPro MG995 Metal Gear
1 x Kotak Kuning Kecil
1 x STS015Q4F Pressure Sensor