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School Automatic Bell Kits Buy Now Rp750.000,00 10 070-0191 School Automatic Bell Kits

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1 x 10p White Connector Housing
1 x Delta Single Line Follower V3
1 x DH-18 Delta Hexapod 18 servo Pro Version
1 x solar cell 5.2v 21ma
1 x Easy Bluetooth Module
1 x Parallax GPS Module
3 x Pre Amp
1 x Arduino Ethernet with Power Over Ethernet
1 x Arduino Mega 2560
1 x 5V/2A Charger + Cable
1 x SST-06 V6 30A DC Driver
2 x WIZ105SR Serial to Ethernet
1 x Robot Avoider Beroda
1 x DCBT-24AX RF Transceiver Module 2.4 GHz
1 x Arduino Mega ADK Rev3 (Android Ready)
1 x RFM12-433 FSK Transceiver COB Module 433 MHz
1 x Rechargeable NiMH 5000mAh Battery Pack
1 x Autonic Rotary Encoder ENB-500-3-2
1 x Thermoelectric Power Generation Tablets SP1848-2714
1 x TRN-02 Trainer Board Professional Version+Gratis USB Programmer
1 x DBM-01 Delta Bluetooth Module Interface
1 x Parts C Infrared Receiver
2 x CMPS03 Kompas Elektronik
1 x Fiber PCB 3" x 4"
1 x LQ043T3DXOC TFT LCD Panel
1 x BH-06 Black Housing 6P
1 x Power Supply YS-1015-A12
1 x Easy AVR Pro 7 - Atmel Studio
1 x SNR-SHT15 Humidity & Temperature
1 x Dipole Wifi Antenna
1 x DSS-02 Delta Solid State V2
1 x Arduino Uno R3 Clone
1 x Arduino UNO
1 x DMT-1604 Matrix LED Indoor
1 x DELTA LINE FOLLOWER (Economic Version)
2 x USB Weather Board
1 x Atlys Spartan 6 FPGA
1 x DDC-03 LM2596
1 x Atmel JTAGICE3
1 x WIZ830MJ
1 x BH-09 Black Housing 9P
1 x Converter Memory 28C64
1 x Gearbox Motor 24V
1 x Kabel AWG 20 Hitam
1 x Tinkerkit Mega Sensor
1 x Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout - LIS331