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Automatic Profil Scanner Buy Now Rp25.000.000,00 10 023-0001 Automatic Profil Scanner
Beacon Locator Position by GPS Application Buy Now Rp3.500.000,00 10 023-0012 Beacon Locator Position by GPS Application
Display Timer System for Service Station Buy Now Rp0,00 10 023-0010 Display Timer System for Service Station
Infrared Beam Sensor Buy Now Rp850.000,00 10 023-0009 Infrared Beam Sensor
Infrared Virtual Gate Buy Now Rp0,00 10 023-0005 Infrared Virtual Gate
Language Laboratory System Buy Now Rp12.500.000,00 1 071-0044 Language Laboratory System
Otomation System Practice Module Buy Now Rp10.000.000,00 10 023-0007 Otomation System Practice Module
PID System Practice Module Buy Now Rp10.000.000,00 10 023-0006 PID System Practice Module
RFID Absence Machine Application Buy Now Rp75.000,00 10 023-0014 RFID Absence Machine Application
Thermo Control Pro Version Buy Now Rp750.000,00 10 023-0011 Thermo Control Pro Version
Thermo Control Pro Version 4 Channel Buy Now Rp850.000,00 10 023-0013 Thermo Control Pro Version 4 Channel
Transformer Remote Monitoring & Control Buy Now Rp3.500.000,00 10 023-0004 Transformer Remote Monitoring & Control
Water Level Detector Buy Now Rp0,00 10 023-0002 Water Level Detector
Water Level Detector V2 Buy Now Rp0,00 10 023-0003 Water Level Detector V2
Web Based Air Condition Control & Monitor Buy Now Rp3.000.000,00 10 023-0008 Web Based Air Condition Control & Monitor

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1 x Wiz107SR Serial to Ethernet Module
2 x ms-01
2 x Arduino Ethernet with Power Over Ethernet
2 x ms-09
1 x PSW0501
3 x Power Supply Switching 12V/3.44A
2 x RF03 RF Remote Control Module
4 x RFM12-433 FSK Transceiver COB Module 433 MHz
3 x RFM12B-433 FSK Transceiver COB Module 433 MHz
1 x Voice Extreme Module
3 x Mini USB Bluetooth Dongle
3 x Receiver FSK-RLP916F
1 x TWS-433
3 x DX-24 Delta X-Ceiver 2.4 GHz
2 x 5V/2A Charger + Cable
1 x RFM23 ISM Transceiver Module
3 x RF01 RF Remote Control Relay Module
1 x MB-C04 Bluetooth Module
3 x 433 MHz Transmitter + Receiver
2 x RFM70-D
1 x SIM300 Development
1 x FM Radio Module RDA5807M
1 x RFM01-433 Receiver COB Module 433 MHz
1 x RF02 RF Remote Control Module
5 x Power Supply Switching 12V/1A
2 x TLP916F Transmitter FSK
1 x ATAVRRZ502 RF Evaluation & Development Kits & Boards
2 x PSW0502
2 x AC 85-265V to DC 5V Power Module
1 x Easy Bluetooth Module
1 x D-Logo Robotic Kits Complete
1 x SRF04 Ultrasonic Range Finder - Replace to SRF05
1 x Wifi Shield for Arduino
2 x Devantech Ultrasonic Range Finder SRF05
1 x FTDI Basic adapter 5v
1 x ms-04
1 x MMA7361 Sparkfun Tripple Axis Accelerometer
2 x Amplifier
1 x Power Supply / Charger 5V 3A output micro USB
2 x 0-50A Amperemeter
1 x Charger 5V/2A
1 x Delta-Track V1.3 Car GPS Tracker + Sensor Interface
2 x Power Supply Switching 12V/4A
2 x Auto Step Up & Down 2 in 1 Modul DC Buck Boost Converter Module
1 x GP2D120 Infrared Range Finder
1 x USB-I2C USB to I2C Communications Module
2 x Edu UDOO Quad Processor
1 x Magnet Toroid Ferrit Diameter 5mm
1 x Converter IDE ATA/SATA-USB R Driver
2 x Drill 5 mm
1 x Wiz110SR Serial to Ethernet
2 x 7809 9V Voltage Regulator
2 x Power Supply Switching 5V/3A
1 x DLV05-2401 Delta Level Converter 5V to 24V 1 line
1 x Beacon Locator Position by GPS Application
1 x 0-10A Amperemeter
1 x Transformer Remote Monitoring & Control
1 x DIY 1-way sound sensor module for arduino
1 x CD4016 Quad Bilateral Switch
1 x Switching Power Supply 5V/10A 12V/12A 12V/3A
2 x LM386 Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier
2 x 7805 5V Voltage Regulator
2 x 78L05 5V Positive Voltage Regulators
1 x PCB Transfer Paper
5 x ADA4862-3 High Speed Low Cost Triple Op Amp
1 x Web Based Air Condition Control & Monitor
1 x MC68HC24FN Port Replacement Unit for 6811
1 x Otomation System Practice Module
2 x A3120 2.0 Amp Output Current IGBT Gate Drive Optocoupler
1 x 0 - 30V Voltmeter
2 x ADC101S021CIMF
2 x 74C923 16-Key Encoder
1 x K2968 TOSHIBA Field Effect Transistor Silicon N Channel MOS Type
1 x Triac BT136
2 x CD4023 Triple 3-Input NAND Gate
1 x Power Supply Apple A2M0030
1 x Press n Peel Paper
5 x LF356 JFET Input Operational Amplifiers
4 x FET-2SK1117
5 x LF351 Single Operational Amplifier (JFET)
1 x Transmitter 433 MHz Superheterodyne
4 x 8250 UART
5 x LM211J Voltage Comparator
3 x CA3130 15MHz, BiMOS Operational Amplifier with MOSFET Input/CMOS
2 x Emi Filter 3A - YB03A1
1 x CD4008 CMOS 4-Bit Full Adder With Parallel Carry Out
1 x 8253 Programmable Timer
2 x EMG9 Emitter common (dual digital transistors)
1 x ADC0808 8 Channel Analog to Digital Converter
1 x TCA365 Power Amplifier
1 x LM311 Voltage Comparator
2 x FQPF8N60C Power Mosfet
1 x ADE7753 Single-Phase Multifunction Metering IC with di/dt Sensor
1 x FET-IRF830
1 x LM13600 Dual Operational Transconductance Amplifiers with Linear
3 x ms-08
2 x IRFR2407PBF
1 x OP-07 Low Offset Volt Op Amp
1 x CD4025 Triple 3-Input NOR Gate
1 x 82C55 Programmable Peripheral Interface
1 x TL084 JFET Input Op Amp
1 x LD3985M33R Ultra low drop noise BiCMOS voltage regulators
2 x Dipole Wifi Antenna
3 x FET-K2141
2 x FET-IRF540
1 x IRF7341QPBF Hex Fet Power Mosfet
1 x Mosfet IRF530NSPBF
2 x LM319 Dual Comparator
1 x FM Receiver Antenna
1 x LM393 Low Power Low Offset Voltage Dual Comparators
1 x INA125 Instrumentation Amplifier with Precison Voltage Reference
2 x PST-1201
1 x Box LCD Keypad
1 x GT60N321 TOSHIBA Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor Silicon N Cha
1 x ms-10
1 x GPS Antenna 3-5V with SMA Connector
1 x Switching Power Supply 5V / 12A
1 x FM Receiver Antenna Silver
1 x Bolt + Nut M2 x 20
1 x FQ18N20V2 200V N-Channel MOSFET
1 x 8861 TK4100
2 x TL081 JFET-Input Operational Amplifiers
2 x LM324 Low Power Quad Amplifier
2 x CR802A R/W RFID Module 13.56 MHz + Antenna
1 x Battery 12V Energyzer
2 x CD4011 CMOS NAND Gates
1 x CD4024 7-Stage Binary Counter
2 x Bolt M3x5
2 x AD03 - 16 Bit ADC Self Calibrating
1 x Bracket
1 x Bolt + Nut M3x25
1 x Power Supply Switching 5V/2A refurbish
2 x Power Supply Switching 12V/2A
1 x LM2917N - LM2907/LM2917 Frequency to Voltage Converter
1 x Power Supply YS-1015-A12
1 x BTS409 Smart Highside Power Switch
1 x Box PA 02 Abu abu 15 x 9.5 x 5 cm
1 x INA133 High Speed Precision Difference Amplifiers
1 x Box Abu-abu 150 x 120 x 40 mm
1 x Network Microcontroller - DSTinim400
1 x Omron Power Supply PA205R
1 x BXI-004 Box 197 x 176 x 70 mm
1 x Antenna TRW 2.4GHz
1 x CMPS03 Kompas Elektronik
1 x HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creature
1 x Power Supply 12V/3A Switching
1 x TL072 Low Noise JFET Op Amp
1 x Triac BTA16
1 x Lego Mindstorm NXT 2.0
1 x ms-06