EI28 Bobbin Buy Now Rp2.500,00 4 018-0025 EI28 Bobbin
EI28 Ferit Core Buy Now Rp7.500,00 10 018-0024 EI28 Ferit Core
High Frequency Transformer EI-33 Buy Now Rp150.000,00 2 018-0021 High Frequency Transformer EI-33
IT191 Transformer Buy Now Rp10.000,00 0 018-0034 IT191 Transformer
OT240 Transformer Buy Now Rp10.000,00 1 018-0033 OT240 Transformer
PE 68861 Buy Now Rp125.000,00 10 018-0001 PE 68861
Power Transformer 10A Buy Now Rp75.000,00 1 018-0039 Power Transformer 10A
Power Transformer 1A Buy Now Rp25.000,00 1 018-0005 Power Transformer 1A
Power Transformer 1A 25V Buy Now Rp75.000,00 10 018-0032 Power Transformer 1A 25V
Power Transformer 2A CT Buy Now Rp30.000,00 3 018-0014 Power Transformer 2A CT
Power Transformer 3A Buy Now Rp50.000,00 10 018-0004 Power Transformer 3A
Power Transformer 500mA CT Buy Now Rp25.000,00 3 018-0023 Power Transformer 500mA CT
Power Transformer 500mA non CT Buy Now Rp22.000,00 10 018-0013 Power Transformer 500mA non CT
Power Transformer 5A CT Buy Now Rp60.000,00 10 018-0017 Power Transformer 5A CT
Power Transformer CT 2A Buy Now Rp50.000,00 10 018-0031 Power Transformer CT 2A
Trafo 12V 500mA CT Buy Now Rp22.000,00 2 018-0026 Trafo 12V 500mA CT
Trafo Power 200mA Buy Now Rp15.000,00 3 018-0038 Trafo Power 200mA
Trafo Telephone GT87008 Buy Now Rp20.000,00 24 018-0002 Trafo Telephone GT87008
WSBTRH127-100UH Buy Now Rp5.000,00 9 018-0028 WSBTRH127-100UH

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1 x Buzzer 5V
1 x Parts C Infrared Receiver
1 x Fingerspot Personnel Neo-151NC Absensi Sidik Jari - Stand Alone
1 x CD4024 7-Stage Binary Counter
1 x RF02 RF Remote Control Module
1 x MCT2E Optocoupler
1 x Wallmount Dimmer Switch
1 x deParking System - Delta Parking Guidance System
1 x USB-I2C USB to I2C Communications Module
1 x Web Control Board
1 x DC Plug
1 x FM stereo transmitter module
1 x Delta Robo Mechanic set 2
1 x 7909 9V Negative Voltage Regulator
1 x CD4013 Dual D-Type Flip-Flop
1 x CD4573 Quad Programmable Amplifier
1 x Transceiver nRF24L01+ Module with Chip Antenna
1 x CD4019 Quad AND/OR Select Gate
1 x Analog Multimeter Sunwa YX-360TRD
1 x LISY300 Gyroscope Module
1 x HXT900 Micro servo
1 x CD4027 Dual J-K Master/Slave Flip-Flop with Set and Reset
1 x 74LS107 Dual JK Negative Edge Triggered Flip Flop (with Clear)
1 x GWS Heavy Duty Servo S666
1 x Resistor 1 ohm / 5W
1 x CD4551 Quad 2-Input Analogue Multiplexer
1 x GPS Module Ublox Neo-6M
1 x CD4085 CMOS Dual 2-Wide 2 input AND OR Invert Gates
1 x LM7805 DPAK
1 x Power Supply Switching 5V/2A
1 x Tantalum 33 uF/ 16V
1 x DX-24 Delta X-Ceiver 2.4 GHz
1 x 1K 3 wire Serial EEPROM 93C46
1 x Omron Power Supply PA205R
1 x Delta Robo Wheel V3
1 x SMD 0805 Resistor 22K ohm 1/10 W
1 x 78L08 3-Terminal Positive Regulators
1 x Power Supply Switching 5V / 1A
1 x 4p white Connector 9 mm height
1 x Red Skun Connector
1 x Easy Bluetooth Module
1 x 4N35 SMD Optocoupler
1 x Arduino Jumper Cable
1 x 7905 3-Terminal Negative Regulator
1 x Terminal Block 4P TB2504
1 x 8253 Programmable Timer
1 x Con.USB Type B
1 x Smarthome Economical Package 1